--We asked two companies for estimates. The other one took 4 months. Integranova only took a few days. The application is now implanted and works to perfection. Amazing.-- LEGÁLITAS

--Integranova handed over Kolibri in time and in agreement with the estimate. We are impressed with its performance.-- GERMAN ARMY

--The Integranova project was not only more economical than the ones from the competition, but as well it was simple and reliable. We got it right with them.-- VIAJES IBERIA



R&D, The Heart and the Soul of the company

Integranova is promoting the development of engineering solutions within the field of University graduates. The scholarship program whose aim is to finance the investigation being made by the professors plus their talented students.

For the development of this investigation work Integranova supports the consultation team from SAB (Scientific Advisory Board), a multidisciplinary council of International investigators with renowned prestige.

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Time is the Key

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